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Talk Show with TANUJ VIRWANI

Tanuj Virwani at the talk show held on BWS (Bharatiya Web Series)
discord server.

Tanuj Virwani , well known for his role of Vayu Raghwan in the very popular Amazon

original television series Inside Edge, was invited to a talk show which was organised in BWS

(Bharatiya Web Series) discord server on 21st of November 8:30 pm.

The event was organised by Snoopervisor and their team (a management company).

The host for the night was Shubham aka Pancakes, he made sure Tanuj felt comfortable

since Tanuj was completely new to Discord. The event then started with Tanuj and

Shubham being in the event staff vc and the audience in the event vc itself. The streamer

Vansh Kohli then started the stream in the event vc. The max audience was around 65-70

and towards the end of the event the least audience went to 30-35.

We started the talk show by asking some really interesting questions to Tanuj like:

Who inspired him the most to achieve what he has right now?

He didn't have one person whom he took his inspiration from, he preferred to learn

different things from various people like from Bruce Lee’s teachings and various from

movies and books and shows. He said that he looked upto many people like Amitabh sir,

Brad Pitt, etc. He looked for inspiration both within his job and also outside of it.

What was the best compliment that he’s received so far?

He immediately recalled about his co-actor Jitendar Joshi whom he had done the show

Cartel with, he had told him the following lines “You’ve become such a better actor from the

time that i’ve known you till now and the reason is you start acting where you stop acting,

you’re not trying to act anymore, you’re just trying to be in the moment and feel whatever

your character needs to feel and because of that there is a certain genuinity about the

whole thing where your lines don’t seem like dialogues anymore, they seem like

conversations coming out of your soul.” These words had really made an impact on him.

He was also asked which was the role he wished he had played and where he

saw himself in the next 10 years

He said that he would’ve loved to play Varun Dhawan’s role in Badlapur as well as Shahrukh

Khan from Baazigar since he’s usually gravitated towards roles that are dark. When it came to the part of where he saw himself, his goals seemed pretty reachable for a person as determined and intelligent as him. He said that he would like to see himself being substantial both in front of the camera and behind the camera, he had aspirations to write and direct his own material, perhaps both a series and a film. He said that he would like his name to be associated with quality as in he chooses his scripts rightly and carefully and can do justice to them and not just someone who can play just one prototype character and not anything else. He has also stated that he would love to tell stories since it gave him a certain high and this had been the case since college for him, he told us an incident where he used to always have a camcorder with him and used to run around with it and shoot short films with it, place a camera and go act in front of it. He used to even do this during the lockdown period. The feeling of creating something from scratch where it’s just an idea in your head gave him quite a rush.

He was then asked about his favourite co-actor and to that he said that

He couldn’t choose one from so many. He did name a few though, namely Sunny Leone,

Siddhant Chaturvedi, Angad Bedi, Sayani Gupta from Inside Edge and apart from that,

Rashmi, Rithwik, Jennifer, Nia Sharma and so many more.

He was asked about his favourite childhood memory and his answer surely

proved to us that he was surely a naughty kid

He told us about how his mom would feed him rasgullas and other sweets everyday once

he was back from school, and how his friends in his colony would make water balloons

during holi and would throw it on people and also the last one will surely make you laugh

where his friends and him made up a trap for a couple to fall into and they then threw a

bucket full of dirty water on them haha.

Shubham asked him about his strength and he said

That his parents would be his biggest strength and motivation to him.

He was asked about his one dream he wanted to achieve and also what else

he would choose in the cinema field if not acting, the latter being asked by

Nimz from the audience as well

To this he said that he has many dreams, many directors he wants to work with,

grow big and be able to influence people in a good way and make a difference and

also along with that make his parents proud. He hopes to always move in the right

direction and not to regress. Also, obviously live happy and healthy along with all

this. He also said that he had come into the industry thinking he’d become a director

and entered in fact as an assistant director but with the motivation of his friends

and family he entered into acting. So, he definitely would choose directing if not


He was also asked about the best advice he had gotten and a piece of advice

that he would've given to his 18 year old self.

In his professional life the best advice he had gotten was from his mother who had said to

him that ''No matter how dark it gets in your life, in your career or in your head, the sun's

gonna rise no matter what, it is not an if, how, maybe, maybe not, probably, possibly, it's a

fact, change is the only constant. When the going is tough, the tough gets going, that's how

it is, you have to stand on your ground, if you're just moving about and following everybody

else, there's a saying that goes "Only the dead fish floats when they dive'', if you're just

doing what everyone else is doing then you'll be a nobody but if you want to be unique and

fierce and individually want to make a difference you have to be prepared to put in the

hard work, even if everybody in the room is telling you not to do it and if your instinct and

your heart tells you this is exactly the path you need to follow, then you should go ahead

and do it, and if you're wrong then you're wrong but at least it's your choice, that's very


When it came to his personal life, he had gone through a bad breakup in college and his

friend had helped him through it by giving him an example of a fish bowl, that taught him

about the importance of people who stay and who leave.

Finally, coming to the part where he gave his 18 year old self some advice, he said that he

would wanna tell himself to go out there and live life completely and not take things for

granted and that you need to be mentally and physically strong and also to be willing to

make a permanent change in life. He also said that he would be willing to have fun but not

so much at the cost of your goals, ideals and future. He stated something very inspirational

as well, that the past is history and the future is a mystery and the present is a gift. Time

doesn't wait for anyone and we must make the most of it. I’m pretty sure this hit many of us


He was asked about what turned him on the most then and to that he said

Great conversation and the ability to hold her own in a room irrespective of who is present

and the subject that's being discussed because there are plenty of good looking girls out

there but your beauty will eventually fade away but your brains won't.

Here are a few of the questions asked by the audience now

A question asked by Arfan was, suppose the acting career didn't work out

that well, what would have been his second choice of job and why?

He was 100% confident when he said Advertising since he had done a diploma in

advertising and had been along with the idea of a Bcom graduate.

Ritz had asked him if he had met any cricketers during the shoot of Inside Edge

He stated that he hadn’t met any cricketers during the show but had had a small geek with

Virender Sehwag during the promotions of Season 2, otherwise he had met cricketers

outside of the show but not in an environment where he could have a chat with them.

Sadhu asked “What do you feel is more important for an actor? Is it talent or

is it training?”

Tanuj felt that natural talent is very important but training, discipline and single

mindedness is also equally important. He also explained this with an example of mining

coal and obtaining a diamond by shaping and sculpting it in the right direction.

Payel Roy, the BWS staff member asked Tanuj about his present fitness goal

and how specific he is with his diet since he mentioned he was a foodie when

he was young and even now.

He said that he didn’t have any specific goal, he just had control over his carb intake and

did some cardio once in a while. He had to change his body weight depending on the role

that he was playing as it’s an important aspect for being an actor, they all were like

chameleons due to this, he said. He doesn’t prefer going to the gym but went if he had to

look bulky and shredded. He also said that he drank occasionally but doesn’t smoke and

was okay with that until it became a life dependency.

He was asked who the favorite actor he would wanna act with

Without even thinking for the answer for a second he said Alia Bhatt which was super cute

for sure.

We asked him about the worst and the best purchase that he

We asked him about the best and the worst purchase he had ever made -

The first car that he bought himself was a jaguar ,the sports edition car he said that his

parents were like ''are you really gonna be spending so much money on a car''? He said that

'' I'm spending my own money and going out with friends and family and long drives at

night gives me so much happiness so that would be the best purchase'' He added that he

don't really have a worst purchase because usually he does a lot of research before going

out and spending his money on something.

Towards the end, Yash from the audience asked him about the pros and cons

of acting and the competition faced in the field?

He stated that if you instinctively feel like you've something to compromise being an actor

or to be a part of this industry, follow your dreams by all means but at the same time know

that there are a lot of risks involved in it, the success and failure ratio is insane and 9 out of

10 people tend to become an actor, there's a lot of responsibilities so try hard chase your

dreams and be prepared and always be a good observer of human beings and the

environment but always have a backup be it what you've studied or your family business.

How did it all end?

The talk show ended on a very good note where Tanuj got to interact with his fans and also

his fans with him, they asked him a few questions and he gave a pretty clear insight on

everything related to his life and the industry and the show as well. The talk show was a

great success overall.

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